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Most of the answers you need can be found below. However if you cannot find the answer you are looking for please raise a support ticket:

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1. Can anyone join?

Yes, anyone aged 18 and above can join. Simply ensure you provide valid information when registering.

2. Can I have more than one account?

No, it is against our terms to create more than one account and could result in all accounts being banned.

3. Why is my account marked as cheater??

This would happen if a breach of our terms has been detected. We suggest raising a support ticket for more inforamtion or assistance.

4. Do I need to provide proof of ID?

< As per our terms, you should always register with genuine inforamtion. You may be asked at any time to provide documents whih verify your identity.

5. How can I close my account?

Please raise a support ticket to request an account closure. Closure requests are dealt with witihn 24 hours.

6. How do I update my account?

Choose the "edit option" when viewing your profile page to update any inforamtion on your account, inlcuding address, password etc.

7. What to do if forgotten my password?

On the login page next to the password field there is a forgot password link.

8. What to do if forgotten my username?

On the login page next to the password field there is a forgot username link.

9. What is RewardingWays and how does it work?

RewardingWays.com is a "Get Paid To (GPT)" website where you can make money online completing paid surveys and offers.
We provide our members with access to paid surveys and other free offers and we pay our members daily using Paypal, Skrill, Bitcoin, Tango or Amazon.
We work with several different leading companies and advertising networks to find Paid Surveys and offers for you to complete.s

10. How long does it take to get paid?

As a mimimum we guaranteed to process all verified pay-out requests within a 24 hour period, though on most occasions it will be less than 8 hours.

11. What payment options do you provide??

Your rewards can be withdrawn using Paypal, Instant PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin, Amazon Gift Cards or Tango Gift Cards - the choice is yours.

12. What are points worth?

1 point is the equivalent of $0.01 ( 1 cent )
100 points = $1.00 ( 1 dollar )s

13. What fees do you charge??

The site is free to use, however the payment providers have a fee which is applied when we issue payments. Details of those vary and can be found on the withdraw page.

14. What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

Our minimum payment request is $1.00 via paypal.

15.Why did i not receive credit?

If a survey/offer has not credited for you, it is because the advertiser has not yet confirmed that a valid completion was received and has yet to send the credit to your account. It may also reject if you have previously complete the same survey/offer.

16. Why can't I find any surveys or offers?

The number of paid surveys and offers available will vary depending on criteria such as your location, gender, age etc. Typically there are more available midweek, and less at weekends.

17. Blocked by survey/offer provider?

If you have been banned by one of our advertisers, then they have detected activity which causes them concern or breaks their rules. We do not have any influence over their decisions and are unable to request reactivation of members. You should contact them direct if you wish to discuss any ban.

18. How do i refer members??

Visit the referral page for to get your special referral link, which can be shared to gain referrals on your account.

19. Can I see the members I have referred?

Yes, simply choose the link from the referral page to view your downline.

20. How much can i earn from referrals??

Currenty, you earn 25% of what your referral earns on the site. This is added to your account automatically. Find out more about referrals

21. Why don't I see any referral earnings?

Your earn referral commission when your referrals are active on the site and completing surveys and offers. If they are not active, then you won't receive any referral commission.

22. Why did my referral disappear??

Referrals can disappear from your downline for one of three reasons:
(1) Your referral has deleted their account.
(2) Your referral was cheating and has been banned from our site.
(3) Your referral has been asked to complete a verification check. If done successfully they will re-appear on your downline.

23. How do I take part in contests?

Everyone is included automatically in our contets. If you wish to opt out, please raise a support ticket.

24. How does the contest work?

There are 20 cash prizes available and the people who earn the most (cash/points combined) over the period indicated will win the prize shown based on their place in the contest.

25. How do i get help in the shoutbox.?

There are moderators and others members who can provide help and advice in the shoutbox about how the site works only. Please raise a support ticket for shoutbox assistance.

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